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question on input-capture and true-time simulator

Question asked by bob holder on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by bob holder


 My target is MC9s12DP256B

 I am using Code Warrior v5.1 for HCS12.


My Question:

Is it possible to send data into the input-capture channel 0 running with the full chip simulator?

I tried using the "stimulator component" with the following sample script from the docs:


def a = TIMER.PORTTBit0;

PERIODICAL 4000,500:

1000 a = 1;

3000 a = 0;



When executed I do not see the interrupt 8 capture0Handler ISR get called in my code. The code works fine on physical target but we don't have enough boards yet.


Obviously I am doing something wrong in the simulator. Thanks for any advice.