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MCF52235 or freescale microcontroller that's support MDIO communication

Discussion created by Juliano Oliveira on Jun 28, 2011
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Hello people from Freescale,


I was developing many systems with freescale microcontrollers and microprocessors (MCF52223, MCF5329).


But i am facing a new challenge here and i have a big doubt, there is any way of use the MDIO communication separately from the fast Ethernet controller ?


Because the new optical communications modules has this type of communication protocol. i see that this protocol is like the I2C protocol, but haves some differences. But i see in the FEC controller that exist the MDIO pin and clock pin, but this is used in conjunction with the FEC, because of this i am asking you with there is some way of use this MDIO communication bus in a separated way from FEC ?




Juliano Oliveira