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DSP56725 bootloader

Question asked by Nicolas Holzem on Jun 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by Nicolas Holzem

Good day,


I'm looking for the DSP56725 bootloader code, I cannot find it in the reference manual.

Is this code available for viewing somewhere?


Also, regarding the bootloader for DSP56371 this time, there seems to be some disagreements between the 'Symphony Soundbite Reference Manual Rev. 2.0' and the bootloader code printed in 'DSP56371 User Manual Rev. 2.1'. Indeed, the Soundbite Manual for example mentions (p.6) a boot mode #6 with MOD[D:A] = 0110 descibed as

'Bootstrap from SHI (Slave I2C mode)(HCKFR=1, 100 ns filter enabled)'

meanwhile in the printed code this same MOD[D:A] configuration is clearly invalid and ends in a 'bra <*' instruction.


Am I looking at outdated documentation?


Thanks and regards,