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Serial monitor for 9S12X* processors?

Discussion created by Robert Swan on Jun 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2011 by Robert Swan

I have previously done some work on a 9S12C64 and found the serial monitor a more enjoyable environment than BDM.  I recently got hold of a 9S12XS128 demo board, and would like to develop on it in the same way.  Not that I'm doing anything earth shattering -- it's just a hobby.


I tweaked the easy to configure part of the monitor code (HCS12SerialMon2r1) so that clock rates, etc., were right.  This worked, and I can talk to to the board from my client, but if someone else has done the work to support the different memory map, data flash, and other things I haven't thought of yet, I'd really like a copy.


I searched the forums already.  There were a couple of promising leads, but they ended in dead links.  I've probably missed something glaringly obvious.


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