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Adding external RAM and FLASH through FlexBus

Question asked by Travis Hidlay on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by Dekiru

I'm exploring the option of adding an external RAM and FLASH chip to my circuit board, and I was wondering if there's a reference design for how to connect this to the Kinetis chip through the FlexBus lines.  I'm currently using the TWR-K60N512 development unit, and there isn't any hardware design in the schematic for interfacing with external memory, since this board doesn't use external mem.


Aside from the hardware interface, are there any other steps that need to be taken to make additional RAM accessible to an MQX app?  I'm coming from an 8051 background where the external memory access is handled automatically by the compiler and processor.  What about reading/writing from external flash?  I saw two examples in the MQX distribution, flashx and nandflash; do these work for external flash chips or do they access part of the built-in 512KB of flash on the K60?