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Byte swapping in few places while downloading files from MCF5485.

Discussion created by Vignesh R on Jun 23, 2011
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We are using MCF5485 processor. Experiencing problem while downloading files from Server(Target). We find no problems with upload of files but while downloading there are lot of retransmissions and because of that speed is very low

(10-20Kbps). When we compared file it is found at some places say (2 or 3 places) the bytes are swapped 1st and 4th byte getting swapped..For 1 MB file swapping is there in only 2 to 3 places.. I tried capturing data while it is passing to DMA descriptors. Threre swapping was not happening..Not sure how to proceed from here.


It would be of great help if anyone help me out in resolving this..