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DIU to drive monochrome LCD

Question asked by David McKelvie on Jun 21, 2011
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Has anyone had any experience trying to drive a monochrome LCD with the DIU?


I'm about to attempt to get the DIU of an MPC512x to drive an old monochrome LCD display. I know this is probably not what the designers of the DIU were thinking of when they created the DIU, but needs must.


The display is compatable with the HDM3224. It has your typical HSYNC, VSYNC, pixel clock and data enable like colour LCDs but the data line are somewhat different.


It has a 4 line parallel data interface with each line representing a single pixel. This means the first four pixels are loaded on the first clock, the next four on the second clock, and so on.


I think I can get the DIU to generate the correct clock and sync signals by dividing the display width by 4, i.e., for the 320x240 display I would initialise the DIU to 80x240.


The problem I have is how to set up the pixel format. I'm guessing I'll need some kind of translation from the 320x240 display data to pack 4 pixels in to a single component of the RGB expected by the DIU.


Any ideas would be appreciated.