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MPC5125 and MQX

Question asked by M. Visweswaraiah on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2011 by M. Visweswaraiah

We want to use MPC5125 in a new design for a Smart Information Display.


But, I have lot of confusions:

  1. There are only two registers for interrupt in MPC5125 DIU, INT_STATUS and INT_MASK. INT_STATUS is Read only. I plan to use LS_BF_VS interrupt.

So, How do I clear the event once LS_BF_VS is received, I understand I have to clear the event in ISR?.

2. I am going through the Chapter 18 IPIC in MPC5125RM, I understand that I have to program the IPIC registers also for handling the DIU interrupt.

So, I would like to know what all I have to do in IPIC to handle and service DIU interrupt?

3. I plan to use Freescale Codewarrior and Freescale MQX to develop the software, I was going through the MQX code and the Freescale GUI code, it does not use interrupt. So, I have to add code for the following:

a. Initialize DIU registers and enable LS_BF_VS interrupt.

b.    Modify the IPIC to handle DIU interrupt, I saw there is a file int_cntl_mpc5125.c in BSP which I have to modify, if you can tell me what all I have to do in IPIC, I will modify the code in int_cntl_mpc5125.c to handle the DIU interrupt.

c. I have to install DIU_Isr and write Isr to service DIU interrupt, if you can tell me what all I have to do to install DIU_Isr, I will write the code.

Can someone tell how to enable/handle DIU interrupt, program IPIC in MPC5125, install Isr and write Isr.

Best Regards.