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CW10.1 Path issue, IDE showing unresolved links, but they are there and they build ok

Question asked by Carl Norman on Jun 20, 2011
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I have seen plenty of posts on the confusion surrounding CW10.1 and its management of linked resources.


To show the latest issue I am having, I have created a basic project with just MQX3.7 in CW10.1 and nothing else, just hello world which the project wizard creates.

I then created a test source file on c:\test, I added this folder as a path in the linked resources and dragged and dropped it into the project. I just put the following in the files

in the header

#defines _TEST_

extern uchar test(uchar);

in the c file

#include "test.h" (also bsp and MQX)

uchar test(uchar) {return --uchar;}.


Now back in main.h, i put #include "testcode.h", and it shows that it cannot resolve the inclusion, but it can, it compiles and uses  the function and #define's from main based on the header, yet the IDE thinks it cannot resolve the #include, and the #ifdef is not grayed out, or grays out on demand...


Why is the IDE saying |?| unresolved inclusion when it clear resolves and compiles? Why does the "Outline" window show the test.h with a /!\ symbol, even though I double click and it opens the file? Does the IDE require some special path info? Does the IDE have some other requirments?