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CW10.1, Project > Change Device/Connection issue

Question asked by Carl Norman on Jun 15, 2011
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I am a long time pre CW10 user and finally have been forced to learn CW10 (Eclipse).


This should be a simple one I hope, I have downloaded and installed:

Special Edition: CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers (Eclipse, Windows hosted)
Code Size Restriction: RS08/HCS08 - 32KB, ColdFire V1 - 64KB, ColdFire V2-V4/Kinetis - 128K, MPC56xx – 512K   


I have also downloaded and installed FSLMQX3.7


I have done a general import of the up the 'hello world' example in MQX, built the project and there are no errors.


I now need to burn the flash in my hardware, but, I use the Multilink USB programmer (for this test), not the TWR OSBDM programmer. After reading, and searching the help, I found the section that describes changing the connection to another flash programmer for the project (I found this by searching Multilink). It says go "Project > Change Device/Connection", when I do this I a message box saying:


"To use this wizard, please make sure a project is selected and has focus in the CodeWarrior Projects View".


Ohhh, I just found one simple problem, you cannot have the "Codewarrior Projects" window on a different monitor to the rest of the project... So for some reason, it must be docked in the same monitor... Anyway, moving on...


The next section for changing the connection doesnt match the help files at all, so I will continue anyway... It now requests to 'create a new project', I dont want to do that, but i will continue yet again, (the help files say just to select the Multilink), so am forced to click next on the create project screen, then I select the Coldfile V2 MCF52259, and next, then I seelct P&E Universal/USB Multilink, then I press finish, and nothing happens, I press finish again, nothing happens... I restart, nothing happens still...


How do I get my Mutlilink to work in CW10? Why dont the help files match what happens in CW10.1?