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Automate creation of makefile from command-line? (CW10.1, HCS08)

Question asked by Tom Collins on Jun 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2011 by Tom Collins

I'm trying to create some automation for a series of projects on the HCS08.


I'd like to pull the projects from our git repository, have CW10.1 create makefiles for the Debug and Release builds, and then trigger a "make all" for each build.  I'll log the compiler errors (by copying EDOUT) and portions of the MAP file to a separate file for later review.


I have everything working except for the "create makefile" step.  What tool can I use to generate the necessary files (makefile, makefile.local,,, etc.) in the build directories listed in the .cproject file for the project?  Is that even possible from the command line?


I spent an hour reading through the help and looking at the IDE Preferences and Project Properties, but I didn't see anything that clearly indicated how Eclipse creates the build directory.


If I can get that last piece working, I'll post the .cmd file to this thread.