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Boot using DDR on MSC8156AMC board

Question asked by Jimmy Schroeder on Jun 14, 2011
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I try to boot my MSC8156AMC board with a program where some data are mapped in the DDR memory.

I know to do this I need to use a boot patch to initialize the DDR memory controllers, so I adapted the the ADS boot patch for the AMC  board using the values contains in the MSC8156AMC_Init.cfg file (Initialization do by JTAG).

But even if with the boot patch the DSP can't access to the DDR memory during the boot.

I also tried on a MSC8156ADS to boot a program with data mapped in DDR memory on a MSC8156ADS board using the boot patch for ADS and this time it works.

I don't understand why it work on the ADS board and not on the AMC board, because the only difference is the DDR memory type (DDR2 to DDR3), and I use the JTAG initialization values for the AMC board.

In the attachments there is the DDR AMC boot patch ASM file and the .txt file that I burn in the EEPROM memory.

Is there someone have the solution or a clue to solve this problem ?