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Process Expert support for KwikStik and short term alternative

Question asked by Bob Fu on Jun 10, 2011
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May anyone please let me know when Process Expert (PE) will be supported for KwikStik?


I tried to modify PE support package for wrk40x256 (specifically MQX37\mqx\build\cw10\bsp_twrk40x256_pe and MQX37\demo\pe_demo\cw10\pe_demo_twrk40x256) to work with KwikStik, which uses K40X256VLQ100, but failed. When launching J-Link debug session, I continuously getting error: "Suspended: Signal 'Halt' received. Description: User halted thread". I'm new to MQX and CodeWarrior, so perhaps this is more than what I can handle. If I still want to use PE drivers in MQX for KwikStik ( for the benefit of easy driver configuration/initialization), is there any short term alternative before PE is formally supported for  KwikStik?


BTW, I applied the latest MQX update for KwikStik.


Any suggestion is appreciated!