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M9S12XET 256 - SPI - Slave output

Discussion created by Massimo Cattaneo on Jun 8, 2011
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Hello All,


I am getting crazy with such thing.......


I have connected SPI0 to SPI1 (MOSI, MISO, CLK, nSS) and configured the first as slave and the second as master. 125KHz B.R. and 8 bits of data.


First my master software sends 5 bytes of data to the slave. The transfer is successful! It uses interrupts SPIE.


Then the slave software writes the first of 4 bytes (to be sent to the master in reply) into the data register SPI0DRL (the value of this first byte is '65') and waits the master to drive the clock.


Before writing '65' into SPI0DRL, SPTEF is '1', after it is '0' steady. Honestly, I expected SPTEF to '0' only for short time.


Then the master drives the clock, by sending 4 dummy bytes to the slave.


The master receives correctly 4 bytes (interrupts occur correctly 4 times on both SPI0 and SPI1)  .....BUT the first byte received by the master has value '0', not '65' ! The other bytes are correct.


During the process the nSS is always low (slave selected).


Somebody can explain me?

Many thanks in advance eventually!