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Definitions on a .lcf file Linker error?

Discussion created by Javier del Valle on Jun 8, 2011
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Dear All,


I have a .lcf file with the following definition:

__SRAM_LOAD_SIZE     = (SIZEOF(.flash_data)/4);



Then in a .s file I have the extern declaration:

.extern __SRAM_LOAD_SIZE # Defined in the linker file


The problem is that when I link using command line tools (Codewarrior for MPC55xx v2.3) I see the following error:

mwldeppc.exe: undefined: '__SRAM_LOAD_SIZE'
mwldeppc.exe: Referenced from '.init' in Test_d.lib


I would thank if someone could tell me how to do for the linker use the definitions included on the .lcf file


Thanks a lot and best regards,