where is ProjDirPath defined

Discussion created by DALE RODDA on Jun 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2011 by HCatalin

I am having issues with some of my included paths and I need to know where ProjDirPath is defined. I see it used under project c/c++ build setting, but I do not see where the value is set.


I also used CW10.1 help\ search and found a reference to linker-> input. But this is one of the locations where it is used not  set.


I also have on issue with default workspace. Once CW is open I go file-> switch workspace. The only options is other. I select other and browse to the workspace I want. I verify the "use this as the default and do not ask again" and open and then close the workspace. When I reopen the work space I go to the origional not the one that was current when I closed.


Also I alway get a "remove system changed" message no matter which optin I select the next time I open the workspace this message occures. Any idea how to solve this?