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Help me this ADC problem

Discussion created by Hee sang Shin on Jun 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2011 by Jerome GUEUNIER

Hey guys. i'd like to ask about my tiny  ADC problem which has bothered me about 3 days.


Problem is, Even if i don't give any signals to adc channels, there are values remained. Logically, system can't show any 


values since there are no signals. So i checked that i' m using  a reference voltage which is internally in a adc module. But 


i'm not.


Specifically i use adc like below.


 - 10 bit resolution

 -  Right justified data

 - ATD Clock at least 2M to 8M (System clock is 16M)

 - single conversion at once.


And below is my register setting  for using adc


void initialize_ADC(void)

  ATD1CTL2 = 0x40;  // ADC enable
  ATD1CTL3 = 0xA0;  // ADC conversion start
  ATD1CTL4 = 0x00;
  ATD1DIEN = (ATD1DIEN || 0xFF00);


int get_adc(int ch)
  ATD1CTL5 = 0x08+ch;            // ch means channel i use. in this case channel 8 to 15            
  while(!(ATD1STAT0 & 0x80));
  return ATD1DR0L+(ATD1DR0H<<8);         // get_adc function is getting conversed values from each channels
}                .


i really no idea of this. Plz help pity developer!