Kirti Bhanushali

HCS08 bootloader (AN 2295) -- Redirection of vector table

Discussion created by Kirti Bhanushali on Jun 5, 2011
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I am using MC9S08SG8 microcontroller and the Serial bootloader (AN 2295) provided by freescale for the same.

I am facing certain flash memory space constraints and thus wish to relocate vector table to a different location. According the Bootloader that I am using right now the vector table is auto matically relocated from  0xFFC0 to 0xFDC0 , I wish to relocate it to 0xFBC0 as I wish to use the penultimate sector i.e. 0xFC00 to 0xFDFF for some flash writing. Moreover the sector 0xFA00 to 0xFBFF is partially occupied by my code. I wished to know how to redirect my vector table. Your suggestions would be appreciated.