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NEW Processor Expert Launched with Codewarrior 10.1 (with integrated peripheral driver library)

Question asked by John Weil Employee on Jun 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2011 by Scott George



Another ease of use tool.


With the release of CodeWarrior 10.1 we have launched the first editon of our new peripheral driver and software componet manager.  Processor expert can manage all aspects of your device init, pin-muxing with full interface checking on the fly, and that feeds our peripheral driver library (software component ability).  This component strategy lets you build customer drivers that match your needs, and let's you build collections of components into more sophisticated drivers. 


Take a look and let us know.  We are excited about these new tools and we will have as steady drum beat of updates coming over the next serveral months!


Today Processor Expert is available for FREE in Codewarrior Special Edition.  This new edition works with MQX 3.7 and includes an MQX adapter component that takes any of the _LDD drivers in PE and makes them MQX aware.  So those of you looking for extensive driver capability in MQX, should take a look at the new tool.


Those of you that want to read about the new drivers, before installing any new tools, can do all your research in our new InfoCenter available here:


I've attached a picture below showing how to navigate the "tree" to get to the "logical device drivers" referenced by "block name"_LDD.  So any _LDD is new driver in PE.  Each of the drivers has methods, events, etc that control how the driver behaves.  Example code and API use is all clearly shown in the infocenter pages.



Download CW 10.1 Here:

CodeWarrior 10.1 Product Page