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Kinetis ARM Family Productor Selector / I/O Mux tool

Discussion created by John Weil Employee on Jun 4, 2011
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Wanted to let everybody know we have a new tool up on the web for you to use.


This tool let's you craft the features you want and it matches that up to the proper Kinetis family of parts down to the specific part number if needed.


You then can view the configs with an automated pin muxing feature that gives you a first snapshot of how to get all the resources you need brought out on the pkg.  You can save the design and share with co-workers or more importantly your local FAE. 


Just invite your Freescale FAE or Freescale Distributor FAE to see your selected part and why you selected it.  A great way to start collaborating on a new design.


There are more updated coming to this handy tool.. check back often for more ease of use tools to make your kinetis designs smooth.




Click on the link in the upper right to login in and run the tool.


Feedback always welcomed as we work to continually update this cloud based service.  No flash or plugins required.  Enjoy!



Hope this helps