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Chamelon - HCS08 (MC9S08QG8) programming plataform (requires Bootload)

Discussion created by Gabriel Sanches on Jun 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by Chinlun Wu

Hi everybody,


My name is Gabriel, I've built a serial programmer for the MC9S08QG8 microcontroller. It uses common components and its hardware is open to everyone. 


A micro tutorial to setup all the things needed to program it is in here: . It is written in portuguese(Brazil) , but you can easily understand it using google translate.


The board might contain too much hardware since I designed it to attend a request from an professor in my university. An cleaner version of the serial programmer is on the works, so is an USB version (using ftdi232R).


Any suggestion, help or improvement is welcome.


I did wrote an code for basic functions like the ones in Arduino (input/output, adc read, pwm output). The goal is to popularize HCS08, like Arduino popularized ATmegas.


Hope you guys like it.