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Error in code generated by PE

Question asked by BRYAN LOW on Jun 1, 2011
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I noticed that when I am using the MQX3.7 BSP for K60 demo on the CW10.1 SE version, when I try to create a UART0 connection, I realised that when I unclick the option "enabled in init code", the following lines do not appear in the code:


  UART_PDD_SetBaudRateFineAdjust(UART0_BASE_PTR, 1u); /* Set baud rate fine adjust */
  UART_PDD_SetBaudRate(UART0_BASE_PTR, 26U); /* Set the baud rate register. */

And the baud rate is not set at all anywhere when the option is disabled for enabling in init code. Is this an error or the initialization is done some where else?