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Error: Out of allocation space in segment ROM at address 0x7FD9

Discussion created by Deepak Chaturvedi on May 28, 2011
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We are using recently released GW64 MCU and developed most of the code on CW6.2


After introducing irtc interrupt routines in the code, CW6.2 was giving us problems related to irtc write protect registers which we could not solve.


After discussing in detail with the FSL FAE's we decided to move to CW10.1 and ported whole code to CW10.1


Now we are stuck on this problem of "Out of allocation space in segment ROM at address 0x7FD9"


Being relatively new to FSL MCU's we are not sure of what to look at in the generated map file. Any comments/suggestions are welcome.


Thanks in advance for any help.