Dave Miller

CW10.1 - Connecting to Processor Expert Service

Discussion created by Dave Miller on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by Erich Styger

Hello All,


Can someone help me understand what is happening in CW10.1 when it is constantly connecting to the Processor Expert Service? 


I only ask becuase I get a lot of failed to connect errors and it will even lock up CW10.1 fairly often. I have attached a screen shot of what I see.



Win 7 32bit SP1

CW10.1 SE

MC9S08AW16 is the target


When it works I don't have any issues but for unknown reasons I can load CW the next day and it won't work no matter what I try.  Then the next day it works just fine.


Just trying to understand what the service is and where it resides so I can correct this problem.