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QSPI Driver Bug?

Question asked by Haihang Sun on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by Petr MacHala

I am uing MQX 3.7


In spi_pol_mcf5xxx_qspi.c function _mcf5xxx_qspi_polled_tx_rx:


    /* Setup queue */
    tmp = qspi_ptr->QWR & (~ (MCF5XXX_QSPI_QWR_NEWQP(0xF) | MCF5XXX_QSPI_QWR_ENDQP(0xF)));
    qspi_ptr->QWR = tmp | MCF5XXX_QSPI_QWR_NEWQP(0) | MCF5XXX_QSPI_QWR_ENDQP(data - 1);

here tmp is defined as uint_8.  but QWR is 16 bit register, this will slice off the upper 8 bit. the effect is causing chip-select pins goes low in a very short time (20ns)

 Change: define tmp as uinit_16.


Similar problem in spi_int_mcf5xxx_qspi.c _mcf5xxx_qspi_int_isr function:

define reg_tmp as uint_16 instead of uint_8