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Question asked by Vik Agr on May 25, 2011
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So, I am a complete newbie with the Freescale products. Recently I got a DEMO board ( DEMO9S12PFAME ) and the corresponding CodeWarrior Evaluation CDs ( Code Warrior Versio 5.9.0 )

There were some example programs when I installed the Codewarrior CD. I took one of the program

"Freescale\CodeWarrior for HCS12 V4.7\(CodeWarrior_Examples)\HCS12X\HCS12X_LED\". I am using the USB InCircuit Debugger ( not an external debugger like PEMicro or BDI or Softtec ) to program and debug the code. In the code Warrior, I pressed Project -> Debug. The board got connected and there was a lot of output message on the Command Window.

It looked like that it identifed the board and started flashing. But, then in the end, it gave an error message

"Error while writing to E08000 to E08200
Information: No Memory at this address.


I went to check the map file and I saw that this memory was allocated to the .text section i.e ROM in the  linker command file. Then I clicked on inDART-HCS12 -> Flash and it showed the MCUID  Family as 0x02E9. Unfortunately, there is no hint of the memory location E08000 in this tool ( Non Volatile memory Control ).


Can anyone tell me what is wrong here?