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Question about "virtual_com"  example in MQX 3.7 & under CW10,  twrk60N512

Question asked by Nikolay Anisimov on May 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2011 by Juraj Vanco



I am using the "virtual_com" example app that comes with MQX 3.7.  I'm running on a twrk60N512 with a Windows/XP PC .

When I run this example - receive  "Unknown (USB) Device" , fsl_ucwxp.inf used.

This result take place  also when, I try start hid_mouse_dev_twrk60n512 example.

When I worked with device from TI( tms320c5505) -  usual driver from MS work properly.

Whether there is a possibility to help with this problem?