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OSJTAG debugger Hangs up

Question asked by Dhaval Shah on May 21, 2011


I am using TWR-K60 board for code development and OSJTAG Debugger for debugging
the code.I am using Keil IDE for software development.  I have a working
version of code and I am adding more functionality to it. Under normal
circumstances I can load and debug the code.

When I added few more functions to my file and tried to debug the code using
OSJTAG, the IDE just gets hanged and I am not able to do anything except kill
the IDE process. I tried to burn the same code to board flash and it runs just
fine under normal running condition.

Secondly, if I add more functionality to the same file, I am again able to
debug the code with the section of code (with which i was not able to debug)

If I disable the newly added code, I am again able to debug using OSJTAG.

I see, my code is working just fine, but some how when I try to debug OSJTAG
gets hanged (for Flash based or RAM based target project).

I am at a situation where I am not able to debug my code anymore for further


The OSJTAG version as specified by P&E Micro's Firmware information Utility is "Firmware Build 29".

Is there any code size limit associated with OSJTAG? Is there a bug in OSJTAG?
What I need to do/take care to avoid this situation?

Warm Regards,
Dhaval Shah