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/RCON pin external circuitry

Discussion created by Dan Wermers on May 20, 2011
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Could somebody please answer this VERY simple question????


I'm using the MCF5232 processor.  /RCON is asserted (low) at reset. 


Looking at the MCF523X Reference Manual, on page 9-9 it says "/RCON must also be negated within one cycle after /RSTOUT is negated."


Looking at the schematics for the MCF5235EVB (Evaluation Board), I find that /RCON is simply switched direct to ground using a dip-switch.  There is no external circuitry that would perform an /RCON negation (high) after /RSTOUT is negated.


So I'm confused... does /RCON need to be "negated within one cycle after /RSTOUT is negated" or not??  I've looked through all the latest errata and there is no mention of this.  It bugs me when the actual hardware design does not match the specs.  


Thanks in advance...