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DFU with Freescale PHDC USB stack (bootloader)

Discussion created by David Becerril on May 19, 2011
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Hi everybody,


I am leveraging what to use for a device of which firmware is meant to be upgraded via USB.

The current options are:

- The already available bootloader (AN3561) which uses a vendor class (0xFF)

- Make a bootloader with the PHDC stack using the DFU class which is standard for this operation as I understand.


I 'd rather using the PHDC solution since I use it in the whole project. My questions are:

- What part of the stack should I keep in a non-writable flash area? The whole stack or just part of it?

- What should I do in the case the PHDC is upgraded? Should it be possible to re-write the bootloader from another program? Would it be correct?



Thanks for helping me clarifying everything on this topic.