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___FLASHX_SECT_SIZE does not match data sheet..?

Question asked by Carl Norman on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by David E Seymour



I am using hte MCF52259 processor with MQX3.6..2.


From the 52259 reference manual:


" Sector Erase
The Sector Erase command erases the contents of a 2-Kbyte space of flash memory. "


From the lcf file


   # Flashx configurations
   ___FLASHX_SECT_SIZE = 0x1000; (this is 4K)


Can I just update ___FLASHX_SECT_SIZE to 0x800 to match the data sheet? Will this then allow me to erase the minimum sector size of 0x800? Or is there some other reason MQX only allows you to erase 4K blocks instead of 2K blocks?