CW 10.1 on XP for Coldfire - Lock during Building Workspace

Discussion created by JOHN ADAMSON on May 18, 2011
Latest reply on May 23, 2011 by Tom Thompson

I'm trying to use the eval edition to, well, evaluate CW and MQX running on the 52233DEMO board. All was fine at first, but after importing a few files, the development studio locks while doing a gets to some low percent (the exact number varies from 1 to 14% so far) and never gets beyond that. Progress bar in the lower right keeps cycling. I can close the Development studio, but the build dialog is still there and has to be killed.


If I exclude the file using compiler defines, everything builds. Add back the first function in the file, and it locks again. The first function just has a "for" loop with printf and a call to another function.


Really, a compile time error locks the environment?


Since the first lockup, I also get messages on startup..."Remote System Changed" "The project 'x' refers to a different version of the Remote System 'blah blah blah_PEBDM' than what is in your current workspace. Four times, two debugger times two releases (debug,release).  Doesn't seem to go away no matter which option I choose, and even if I gracefully shut down the studio and restart.