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Question asked by yang yingzhen on May 18, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2011 by AlejandroM
Hi,everyone Now,I'm learning about MQX uart component on the MCF 52259 demon board. I want to use the uart interrupt mode to receive data from my computer.I use the command "read()" to get the data from uart buffer. In fact, I want to receive the unmixed data,so I define a variable uart_buffer_rx in the function _mcf52xx_uart_serial_int_isr() to record the data number from my computer. I found when I input the string "yangyin",the softare can give the data "yangyin".However,after doing this,I input the string "zhen",it still give me the data "zhenyin".I can't find anyways to solve the question.Please help me ,thanks. Here is my code.