Processor Expert - Any beans for the USB OTG Interface? Or for reprogramming FLASH?

Discussion created by STEVE LEWIS on May 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by Jiri Rezler


I am using CodeWarrior version 7.2.2, on Windows XP SP3.


My target is an MCF52259 on the M52259EVB evaluation board, and my first objective is to get familiar with the Coldfire processor (we have previously used the Freescale HCS12 processors)


I have written a simple application which includes a general purpose timer and serial comms via one of the UART's and that is working as expected. To do this, I have used Processor Expert to create a model of the system, and then used various Beans for different functions. The generated code has been compiled and downloaded on the evaluation board, and everything works :-) 


I now want to try out the built in USB interface, and also try writing user data into FLASH memory.

I can find a bean to initialise the USB OTG module, but nothing else relating to USB.

Are there any further libraries of beans for the Coldfire, which can be used, for instance, to set up the USB interface as a host and enumerate and read a USB memory device for instance?


And is there any bean which would allow me to desigante an area of FLASH to store user data, and write data to that area (read in from the USB memory device for instance)?


Many thanks for any help or suggestions