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help using intEEPROM bean with Full Chip Simulator on HCS12X.

Question asked by bob holder on May 13, 2011
Latest reply on May 14, 2011 by kef

Hi Folks,

  I am using CodeWarrior v5.1 with Processor Expert. Target is MC9S12XDT512.

I am having trouble getting the intEEPROM working in the simulator. Here is what I tried to start.


1. create tutorial project (GuessTheNumber).

2. add IEE1 intEEPROM component from Processor Expert.

3. Set IEE1 "Start Address" to 13F000, "Used Size" to 400.

4. Make project.

5. Run project using FCS.


When the call to PE_low_level_init() returns I see the error :

FCS Warning (ID 9): writing to unimplemented register at pc=0xfe822d'L, Value: 0x4A, Memory Address: 0x110. EEPROM CONTROL module not implemented.


Can some kind soul tell me what I am doing wrong?