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Floating License Help

Question asked by Rafael Dazcal on May 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by Tom Thompson



I have one CW "basic" floating licence in my company.


When someone is using the license from another computer, I can't even open my CW because the license is in use.


But I want to use my CW in the "special (free)" mode. So I have to go and rename the license.dat file to use my local free license. But that is quite uncomfortable.


I noticed in the License Manager the following 2 messages when I try to open my CW:


1>(metrowks) DENIED: "Win32_CWIDE_Unlimited" Outros@Ticovisc  (Licensed number of users already reached (-4,342))


That's fine, license is being used


2>(metrowks) UNSUPPORTED: "Win32_CWIDE_Limited" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) Outros@Ticovisc  (License server does not support this feature (-18,327))


Why is that feature unsupported? Why can't I get the "Win32_CWIDE_Limited" license if the Unlimited is in use?


How can I add support for that feature?