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Path problem with MQX 3.7.0 with CW 2.7.1

Question asked by Blake Leverett on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2011 by Steven Kaiser

I installed MQX version 3.7.0, and CodeWarrior version 2.7.1 (eval version).


If I make a bare-metal project to blink some lights, everything works great.


When I create a new project using MQX Stationary, I get a "Project Messages" dialog with a whole bunch of  errors.  The errors are:


User defined root 'MQX_PATH' cannot be found

The following access path in target "Int Flash Release" of project "mqx1.mcp" cannot be found:



and on and on about 50 times, once for each file it cannot find.


This behavior happens even when I try to load a project created under CW 2.7.0.  The project loads fine under 2.7.0, but gives these error messages with 2.7.1.


Any ideas?