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MCF5328 running very slow

Discussion created by Cynthia Chen on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by TomE

We are facing a problem that our MCF5328 system runs very slow, slower than our old MCF5272 system.

I did a simple while loop test with long integer calculation as following on both MCF5272 system and MCF5328 system.

One cycle takes MCF5272 system 65ms while MCF5328 system takes 83ms. That doesn't make sense, MCF5272 is V2 core and runs at 48MHz, MCF5328 is V3 core and run at 80MHz/240MHz.


The SDR SDRAM that we are using is 48LC8M16A2 -7E, run at 16 bit mode. And I checked the configuration, everything is correct.


Anybody know why?




for (i=0; i<0x7FFF; i++)
         temp_long = para_long*i + para_long*para_long*i + para_long*para_long*para_long*i +   para_long*para_long*para_long*para_long*i;
         temp_long *= temp_long;


*(char *)0xFC0A4003 = toggle_bit;//toggle a I/O bit
      toggle_bit = 1 - toggle_bit;



Thanks for your help.