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Automated build (CW10 for MCU, Coldfire v1 51AC)

Question asked by Maxime Larocque on May 11, 2011
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To help with the build & release process, I need to automate the compilation and linkage of our project.


We are using CW10 for MCU, for a Coldfire v1 MCF51AC256 on Windows.


We are using Subversion as SCM, and we use branches to do bug fixes & advanced development.


We would like to be able to do a SVN checkout to any directory, click on a .bat file and automagically get a downloadable firmware.


The recommended solution seems to be ecd.exe:


It works well, but requires a Workspace. The Eclipse Workspace cannot be put in Subversion (absolute paths), and I did not find a way to create a new workspace without manual intervention.


If no workspace is provided, it complains about not finding the _startup symbol at link time.



The other solution is to use the generated makefile in ${Project}/MCF51AC256B_Internal_Flash, but then again the paths are absolute. I could create a script to modify the paths to become relative, but it would require a lot of maintenance.



I prefer to use the Eclipse Project as the single source for listing the files, to prevent mismatches while debugging / releasing. However, if no other option exists, I may create a specific Makefile.



Any suggestion? Does CW 10.1 adds an option for that?