After building MQX6.2 IAR IDE does not have the MQX tool bar tab as in the class.

Discussion created by MARK BEWLEY on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2011 by Anthony Huereca



           In class with the K40 tower using my personnel lap top with a 30day eval from IAR I had no problem compiling and running all the labs. At work I can complie Lab 1 which does not use MQX rtos. If I try to run any lab using MQX I cannot compile the code.  Also I do not see the MQX tool bar tab that showed up with the 30 day eval.

              My IAR is ver 6.2 and when I batch build the MQX6.2 softwate I get no errors.


Can any one think of what could be wrong?


Thanks  Capt Mark