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8306 Ram problem

Question asked by ds ds on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on May 12, 2011 by ds ds
hi sir,sorry for my bad english.!!!I have make a board design with mpc8306.this project isbased on evb of mp8306SOM.I have same flash chip and same ram (nand02gw3b2dza6e &mt47h64m16hr-3h), but it seems that we can't comunicatedwith this devices,for example i can't use the flash eraseprogram probably because  i have a problem with .cfg file orbecause i have another problem.i receive randomly this message:-Error: getting id failled-Error:  Couldn't write flash driver to target.  See Details foradditional informationi can write in register and, for example, pull up some GPIO. itseems that the tap comunication work properly but you have any idea?you can help me please?you can send me a valid .cgf file or a guide to make it?