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9S08MP16 Flash (reserve a partition for system fault)

Question asked by karim zbiba on May 5, 2011
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 I´m using the DEMO9S08MP16 (16KB Flash) on my prototype with Code Warior Processor Expert and I would like to use some adresses for my fault handling.

So as following, I choose the adresses( 0xFA00, 0xFA01...).


#define DLK_V_Warning()       IFsh1_SetByteFlash(0xFA00,10)
#define DLK_V_Fault()         IFsh1_SetByteFlash(0xFA00,11)

#define DLK_T_Fault()         IFsh1_SetByteFlash(0xFA01,11)
#define DLK_T_Warning()       IFsh1_SetByteFlash(0xFA01,10)


When a fault (B) or warning(A) occurs it schould be saved wtih the defined function.


My Problem:  

I don´t know how I can reserve some adresses for my fault and warning handling witout perturbing my realtime program in the flash. 



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