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CW7.2 and CW10.1 optimisation performance for Coldfire

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on May 4, 2011
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Hi All


Can anyone explain the following?


1) I have a reference project that builds with CW7.2, CW10.1 and GCC

2) Each of the compiler targets are set up for maximum optimisation for size (in particular CW7.2 has register passing configured)

3) The code size (that is, the size of the code burned into FLASH) is:


CW 7.2 = 82k

GCC = 88k

CW10.1 = 113k


I would expect that CW 7.2 be a bit better than GCC but I wonder why CW10.1 is generating 38% more code (28% more that GCC). With decreasing optimisation level the code size goes up, so it is not that it is not trying...