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MPC5604P assert solution: assembler instruction like BGND for S12X?

Question asked by Johan Bezem on May 4, 2011
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I'm trying do devise my own "assert" functionality for the MPC5604P, as replacement for an S12X solution.

For the S12X we used an assembler instruction "BGND" with the property to jump into an emulator if one is connected, or an NOP if no emulator is present. This code we could leave in the release version, and still, when debugging, we couldn't help being alerted to an invalid condition.

Now I'm looking through the PowerPC specs to see if something similar is present out-of-the-box, or can be devised using its debug facilities, but I cannot seem to find anything similar.

Using assert differently for debug and relase versions is a possibility, but since we need to provide the release version, that one is usually also the version used for development, so that's not a real solution.


Any pointers? Everything is welcome!




Johan Bezem