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Freescale S08JS familly Bootloader V1.0 - Problem with Drivers under Windows 7 x64

Discussion created by Guittet Joel on May 1, 2011
Latest reply on May 2, 2011 by Chinlun Wu

Hi everybody !


Previoulsy I used S08JS USB Bootloader GUI V1.0 under Windows XP x86 to program my S08JS16 devices. There wasn't any problem.


I have a new computer under Windows 7 x64, I installed the Bootloader GUI from Freescale (it's OK), but when I connect the S08JS16 microcontroller to my computer and try to install the driver, it fails : Windows says that a file has not been found... However the driver seems to be found has it displays its name ("Freescale JS Family Bootloader") during the driver installation...


Any ideas to install the driver and use the Bootloader GUI under Windows 7 x64 ? Or another solution to program S08JS devices throw USB using build-in bootloader ?


Thanks you very much for your help :smileyhappy:


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