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new project on CW10.1 with MQX3.7 for TWRK60N512 - errors

Question asked by Podeanu Mihai on Apr 30, 2011
Latest reply on May 16, 2011 by Petr Uhlir

I just trying to create a new RTCS project inin CW10.1 & MQX3.7 for TWRK60N512 and I'm getting some errors and warnings when compiling.


CW10.1 has all the current updates installed.


Here are the steps I'm following to create the new project:

- New MQX 3.7 Project:

- TWRK60N512 Board

- Add RTCS Support

- Basic Application

- RTCS Options - Static IP

- Connection: P&E Open Source JTAG


When compiling for RAM - I getting the errors&warings from the attached figure, if I compile for FLASH (Debug or Release) I'm getting only the warnings but the project is not working as it should be.


Any idea what is going wrong? Any help is appreciated.




PS When I did same thing with CW10.0 and MQX3.6.2 for a CF tower board everything worked fine