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Error opening part MGR(0x30aa) PMGR INVALID PARTITION

Question asked by Jeff Kadin on Apr 29, 2011
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by Petr MacHala

I am trying to use an external SPI flash to store my web page data on a TWRMCF52259.


I have the SPI FLASH working using the BSP's spi0  and MQX fopen ("spi0:", NULL)


I can read, write, and erase the flash using this method.


I created an io device and can do freads and fwrites on the device.


I am up up to layering on the partition manager and the install works  and returns a valid partition handle.

     error_code = _io_part_mgr_install(webflsh_handle, partman_name, SPI_MEMORY_PAGE_SIZE);

The fopen returns a valid handle

                 partman_handle = fopen(partman_name, NULL);



I am failing on the  IO_IOCTL_VAL_PAR with the invalid partition error, which I think is normal since the device is erased.  I also traced through the code which does a read of address 0 and then does not find the correct data to indicate a valid partition.

     error_code = _io_ioctl(partman_handle, IO_IOCTL_VAL_PART, &param);



Because I got INVALID_PARTITON I thought I need to set the partition first so I tried

         error_code = _io_ioctl(partman_handle, IO_IOCTL_SET_PARTITION, NULL);

 which returns the same error

Error creating part MGR(0x30aa) PMGR INVALID PARTITION


Does anyone know if this is how you are supposed to do it, I have not found any examples that call IO_IOCTL_SET_PARTITION and have not figured out how to format before the partition manager is running.