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Airware is product that you advertise that does not exist. Freescale makes Airware. Let me give you my example.

I spent many weeks looking for devices for the product I am developing. What was very important was to keep the component count low and the PCB as small as possible. The MC33800 looked perfect for the job, so I ordered and received the MC33800 evaluation board.


After some testing I decided to use the MC33800 in my product, and set about designing the PCB. When I had the design done, I started to order components and request samples,  so I could make a small number of prototypes for testing in real world conditions. I then find that the MC33800 is Airware, and there is no samples and none I can buy. Here is a replie to service request that show what I believe to be weird business logic.


Hi Ray,

This device is off from online samples only because there is no demand for this device and there is no any backlog for this device and we don’t have inventory too. That is the reason for this device is removed from online .

Bringing back to online samples is depend on the marketing team, once they get the demand for this device they will again switch on this device in online samples .

Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks & Regards,


Maybe I am missing something...

1. How do you create a demand if you do not make samples available.
2. Why would you only have samples when there is a demand.
3. Why is there not a big warning on the website stating this device is not active and do not use this in new designs.

I now find I have just wasted weeks of work, and have to start again. Airware just causes a lot of ill feelings. I know I am not a big corporation that will order millions of components a year so loosing me will not matter to Freescale. In fact they are to big to even notice or care. My last email from them stated...


kindly search for the alternative device .


Which shows they do not care.