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eGUI Slider Bug?

Discussion created by Rafael Dazcal on Apr 27, 2011
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Greetings all,


I'm working on the MCF52259 Tower kit with LCD, and using eGUI to develop a user interface.


So far it has behaved well. By the way... why don't you guys open a eGUI specific forum (as you have for USB, TCP/IP, etc)


Anyway... I think I found a bug with the "SLIDER" object.


When I try to change the text, I get an exception that halts my program. I already know why that is.


Basically, the Slider text is defined as read-only on creation, so it resides on ROM. When I call D4D_SldrSetText, it tries to write data to ROM thus the error.


Have you guys seen it?

Was that already solved on a newer eGUI release?

Am I missing something?

Should I try to solve this my self?