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_io_dev_install compile errors

Question asked by Jeff Kadin on Apr 26, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2011 by Jeff Kadin

I am trying to use an external SPI flash to store my web page data on a TWRMCF52259.


I have the SPI FLASH working using the BSP's spi0  and MQX fopen ("spi0:", NULL)


I can read, write, and erase the flash using this method.


I am trying now to install an io driver so I can layer on part manager and MFS and I am getting an error when I build with the _io_dev_install


This is my code that gets the error:

_mqx_uint _io_webflash_install(
        char_ptr identifier)
_mqx_uint    result;

    result = _io_dev_install(identifier,
    return result;

This is the Error I am getting, and have not been able to solve it with anything I have tried.


>illegal implicit conversion from '__regabi long (struct mqx_file *, unsigned
>char *, long)' to
>'__regabi long (*)(struct mqx_file *, char *, long)'


Does anyony have any ideas?

Thanks for reading